Black Soap Shampoo

8fl. oz
Spring Water
Black Soap
Essential Oils


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3 reviews for Black Soap Shampoo

  1. Mamie G.

    Best products ever! I have been using Jus4us products since they came out and my hair has never been as healthy and beautiful as it is now…THANK YOU!

  2. Carlean Jarman

    Love it.
    I shampoo with the Black Soap Shampoo and love how my hair feels and how it shine afterwards! Then when I apply the leave in conditioner, my hair is totally manageable 😍

  3. Benita

    Coconut Allergy, No problems
    I have not used shampoo since 2016; I develop painful sores within 12 hours of using shampoo (agents to produce suds in commercial shampoos are usually coconut based). I used the Black Soap Shampoo, my scalp feels great and my hair is soft. Thank you for this wonderful product!

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