Deep/Leave-in Conditioner

8fl. oz
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E


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10 reviews for Deep/Leave-in Conditioner

  1. Katina

    Who needs a detangler?!
    This product was suggested by my sister. I used to have to purchase an addition detangling product when I bought beauty supply store natural products. This left my hair so soft and easy to comb through! I will definitely be buying more!

  2. BW

    Abundance of Softness
    I used this product for the first time. My hair normally soaks up product and goes right back to being dry. I used the Jus4Us Deep/Leave In Conditioner and Replenishing Oil. The next day, I had a head full of softness. I love this product!

  3. Patricia T.

    Hydration love.
    I absolutely love the hydration spray it helped with my frizz and my hair feels amazing!!

  4. Mary P.

    Deep/ Leave in Conditioner
    Great product. Keeps my twisties very moist and bouncy. I have very thick hair it doesn’t take a lot… “Go on try it out.”…

  5. Brittani A.

    My curls love it!
    My curls love it!

  6. Carlean J.

    Love this product
    I ordered this product after introducing it to my son. He became a fan right away because it allowed him to sponge twist his hair with ease and leaving his hair soft and manageable :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

  7. Lakeisha Hewlett

    Only been using hair oil for about three weeks and hair has grown thicker and longer….and I love love love the feel texture and oil of the leave on conditioner will definitely be purchasing again ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Benita

    Love This Product/Outstanding Customer Service
    First time using the Deep/Leave in conditioner. My hair is soft and moisturized. Purchased the travel kit a an event, however, I have an allergy to coconut Not a problem! Ms. Dent shipped a Deep/Leave in conditioner formulated without coconut; I received my product in 2 days. AWESOME! Thank You!

  9. Mary P.

    Hydrating Mist
    I think it works perfectly on my hair.

  10. Tangela

    My hair is usually dry and soaks up products like a sponge. After using Jus4Us Deep/Leave In Conditioner and Replenishing Oil, I could feel the difference after the first use. My hair is soft and feels amazing. I love this product!

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